Salza Sales Call Platform Features

Dynamic Script Engine

Although not every sales call is the same, all calls follow a similar path or recipe of seller-driven statements and questions. The replies given by a prospect define the outcome in a conversation.

By tracking all seller's actions in a call, we can determine the effectiveness of chosen questions and value statements and predict sales conversions. We guide the seller through a cold call based on the calculated efficiency.

Script Library

Script Editor

Customizable Templates

Conversational Modules

Objection Handling

Create Believable Urgency

Display Trust & Credibility

Closing Options

Setup of typical FAQs

Smalltalk Options

Follow-Up Management

Measure Objectives

Call Handling & Data Connectivity

Salza's call platform enables you to connect a headset to your computer and to make calls through the internet browser. Enjoy very favorable rates per minute through our corporate partnership with Twilio, or link to other call providers upon request. Use additional features to enhance call quality and to monitor performance.

Salza connects to your CRM to create call campaigns for your sales teams. It pushes back follow-up actions and activities to keep your records up-to-date.

Build in VoIP Telephony

Optional VoIP APIs


Optional Call Recording*

SMS Functionality


Supervisor Monitoring*

CRM Connectivity

Create Call Campaigns

*needs prospect's consent to comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation.

Call Content Measurement & Qualitative KPIs

While we usually measure overall call conversions of successful calls, we can now dig into conversational call modules to identify the challenges of the seller, where a call goes wrong. Get insight data why your value-statement failed; e.g., either because of lacking need analysis or through unchallenged price objections.

Just because a call didn't end successfully does not mean that a call was overall bad. Find out where your team excels and where it may need further training. Get a new set of KPIs, highlighting the progress and learning curve of your team.

Quantitative Key Performing Indicators:

Number of Calls

Length of Calls

Average Call Length

Calls over 2 Minutes

Number of Sales

Ratio Calls-To-Sales

Content based / Qualitative Key Performing Indicators:

Call Rating Based on Reached Objectives

Average Call Rating based on Objectives

Average Module Rating

Effectiveness of Creating Believable Urgency

View Agent Performance Over Time

Compare Agents - Based on Call Ratings

Key Performing Indicators from a management perspective:

Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC)

Cost Effectiveness of Seller